Buy Feli from Germany a coffee


Hallo, Servus, and welcome to this page! 👋

My name is Felicia (Feli) and I'm a girl from Germany living in the US - in Cincinnati, Ohio to be precise.
I've decided to create this page for people who would like to support my channel but are hesitant about becoming a patron on Patreon. So if you want, you can buy me a "coffee" on here - which in my case really means beer or Chai Latte haha because I don't actually drink coffee. :) Thank you so much! I appreciate each and every one who supports me and my channel.

In my videos, I talk about cultural differences between America and Germany, things I like and dislike about living here, and other experiences that I have made during my time in the States.
You can watch all of my videos on my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram (@felifromgermany) or Facebook for behind the scenes content, or become a patron and join the Patreon family and get even more insights and participate in a monthly Q&A session with me! :)

I'm a real "Münchnerkindl" which means that I was born and raised in Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest city!) but have been living in Cincinnati off and on since 2016. I first came to Cincinnati for an exchange semester during my undergrad but I ended up coming back for an internship and then for my master's that I got in German Studies at the University of Cincinnati. I then was lucky enough to win the Green Card Lottery and am now here as a Permanent Resident.

I just really enjoy the American culture and was happy to take advantage of the opportunities that life brought me. I think the US is the right place for me - at least for the phase of life that I'm in right now but I see my family and friends in Germany on a regular basis and talk to them several times a week.

DANKESCHÖÖÖÖN (thank you so so much!) for your support and greetings from Cincinnati,