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5 or more coffees to be added on the Train, "iMessage" me on [email protected] after you do so! Average Waiting Time : 30min-3 hours (Varies on Timezone). Invite is guaranteed✅.

Welcome to Clubhouse Pay-It Forward Invite chain (This thing went viral! Clubhouse Invite on medium). Free from Internet Scammers or Hefty Clubhouse invites SOLD for $1000+ on Ebay. Our goal is simple, pay it forward:)

Since started on Jan 3rd, over 200+ invites (and counting) has been shared so far and we still have a lot of invites left! The ones who got in, share their invites within the community. Just buy me 5 or more coffees (Nothing Less), that's all and you are added to the list. message me with screenshot on [email protected] (This is my iMessage ID). I will add you to our exclusive WhatsApp group where you can get Invite instantly from the supporters before you:)


Sara : 7 coffees (got access to CH)

Ankit : 5 coffees (got access to CH)

Melissa : 5 coffees (got access to CH)

& 200 others 

Who's next?

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My Background:

#1 Marketing creator on Buy Me a Coffee. Built Internet's No.1 HEY Pay-IT forward campaign and now creating ClubHouse Pay-IT forward chain. Open sources creator learnings on Creators Community, Hosts #MeetupOverCoffee with creators:)

I am creating opportunities for Growth & Excellence. I do things for sheer fun of it and my current interests are Product, Growth, Community, Leadership, Tech Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

I am also one among 6 Google Scholars from India(How I won Google Scholarship), Spoke at International Conferences & Authored book titled "Insiders secret's to Mastering M-Commerce", all products launched on Product Hunt are Top 3 all before I was 22 yo.

I always try to meetup with folks over cup of coffee( Mostly Students & Product Builders) wherever I go. The knowledge being shared is immense and often widens the horizon of both. Taking this experience to Digital with this BMC page.

Let's hangout for a coffee. Make sure to carry a cup of coffee/water/anything drinkable when we meet.

Reach me on [email protected] and Full Bio on LinkedIn

Someone bought 7 coffees.

I bought enough coffees to keep you up this week :) I’m excited! Thank you for this 

Thanks Sara! Hope you are in and enjoying CH experience:)

Wjs8687 bought 5 coffees.

iMessage me? I am at [email protected] - 19th Jan 2020

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 5 coffees.


Someone bought 5 coffees.