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Inviteclub.house Review. It's a scam! Don't fall for it Clubhouse Invite scam series

Feb 16, 2021

This is a part of series of calling out Clubhouse Invite scams happening on the internet.

You can read our previous readings here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixbmc/counting-clubhouse-invite-scams-fake-website

When you search for Clubhouse Invite, chances are you end up on some website or generator where they ask you for your email and download some shady apps.

I captured it on this screenshot here:

Turns out there is a page on TheEconomist (Yes, the online newspaper) Jobs portal is the place where the scammers submitted it.


They ask you to download random and shady malware apps on your phone.

The common name I could find was inviteclub.house a website, mentioned on all those shady google websites as well as on TheEconomist website.

Here's one for example. see the first paragraph for inviteclub.house mention!

When searched on Google for it.

If you got scammed for Clubhouse Invite, share your story. My colleague who's a journalist is looking for stories on these scams. https://twitter.com/SadbhCox

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