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Week 1 update : Clubhouse Pay-It Forward Invite codes chain

Jan 03, 2021

3rd Jan 2020: Started Clubhouse Pay-It Forward Invite chain.

10+ supporters were onboarded successfully. Supporters are added to Whatsapp community after which invites are shared by "Supporter-1". Example: Supporter 2 shares it to Supporter 3. (See Notes below)

Joined Clubhouse:

  • Hannah

  • Emily

  • Anon

  • & 10 others


3 more unused invites. Who's our next supporter? Just buy me a few coffees to be added to community.

4th Jan 2020

Published this on medium : https://medium.com/@felixjosemon/looking-for-clubhouse-invite-codes-pay-it-forward-clubhouse-community-could-help-you-6ee8036babbf

5th Jan 2020

Woke up with 20+ new supporters! Think this went viral. Make sure you iMessage me on [email protected] with payment confirmation screenshot, so that I can add you to our exclusive WhatsApp community where supporters are sharing invites! See you soon

6th Jan 2020

50+ new Clubhouse Invites and Supporters joined in yesterday. It was like a chain reaction, spreading like fire. I was managing the Google sheet, Audio-drop in with supporters, and all. Positive and Super great folks from different parts of life, I wish we could all meet up after this COVID thing is over! People are super real, sharing their invites with others, bringing in extra invites back to the community, bringing onboard their friends and family who are looking for invites, helping to moderate the group while I am at sleep and so on.

Jason, volunteered to help with moderating as well as hosting rooms today on CH once bomb drops. Hillary, Megan, Pra, Vernocia, Niki Pamela, Bonnetta, Hal, Chantal,.. (COPY-PASTE EVERY SUPPORTERS) to name a few and every supporters are making this community bigger and better.


7th Jan (Day 5)

Over 70+ Joined Clubhouse and it's safe to say that everyone's who onboarded on Train gets CLUBHOUSE access in 6 to 48 hours (Even less too, Timezones and being online at 6AM PST time impact results). Having seen multiple occurrences on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter tweets where scammers snatch away with promise of CH invites or for $1000+ on E-bay, I am personally grateful for being able to build this community with my free time. Special shoutout to Jason(Savir) & Leone for making this community the best! The PDF shared by Leone is linked on our WhatsApp group bio so that new supporters joining in understands how the train works. I also made a quick Youtube video as well which will help the train move faster. Overall, the community is getting bigger and bigger as we move towards.

This one by Phil, was a cherry on the cake other day. I am personally excited to meet every supporter in their on countries once this pandemic is over! We also host MeetupOverCoffee with Felix & Friends every day on CH, it's at 10:00PM. See you there then:)


8th Jan (Day 6)

Over 90+ supporters got in.

9th Jan (Day 7)

Over 100+ supporters got in.

10th Jan (Day 8)

Week 2 starts tmw.

Some stats: Almost everyone who supported got in. Apart from non responses to the iMessage message ([email protected]), everyone's joined on CH now. Average waiting time is less than 3 hours!

Note to current & future supporters:

1) [5th Jan Update: This was a good decision] Previously, on the WhatsApp community it was supporter sharing with supporter +1, but what happened was if the supporter is gone offline, since we are all on different timezones, It took some time to continue with the train.

So, now it goes to who's online on the group. If the person who's online on the group gets invite, he/she can continue the train the earliest. Had updated this on WhatsApp community, just want to put this here as well.

To sum it up,

"Once invitee is online, they will message whom should they invite

then you can show of hands or share contact to which he/she can invite to

after you get invite, you can do the same. Be sure to be online"

2) This took off like wild and I am spending in a lot of time than I previously thought, hence I have to limit future supporters coming onboard. Earlier it was just a one or 2 coffees to be added on the list, for the future supporters it's a minimum of 3 or 5. Hope you understand:)

That's all, Keep supporting and Wish everyone enjoy Clubhouse experience as much as (or even more) than I do.

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