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If you are looking for Twitter Bluesky Invite code, you're in the right place. Join our Pay It Forward invite train to get an invite.

How does it work?

As we get Bluesky invite code, we'd share it with next person on train.

How to be added to this community?

If you promise to pass forward invite codes (atleast 1) to train, you could consider joining our community by buying me 3 or more cups of coffee. Link to join our Discord community would be available at confirmation page.

I've got invite by other means, Can I still be part of this community?

Oh yes, Feel free. Make sure to pass atleast 1 invite code to train.

Does buying coffees guarantee an invite? How long will it take?

By buying coffees, you're effectively added to community that shares invite with one another. That's all.

Invites are released based on the availability, etc. So we can't say any certain ETA right now. As and we get invites, it'd be shared. We have how-to channels to guide on getting invites on our discord. Join this community only with if you're ready to help others and have patience, not otherwise.

Why buy me coffee at all?
Coffee keeps me awake at night and build this community (It takes time and consistent effort), Hit me up with lots of caffeine! I’m gonna need them:) There won't be any refunds and a portion of all proceeds go to Organisations enabling learning of 21st Century Skills (which I believe is the need of hour)

Additionally, If you are ever visiting Kerala. Coffee is on me:)

Who is Felix?

Felix is known as inventor of Invite trains on Internet. Previously helped 1000+ people to onboard apps like Clubhouse, Foundation, Shuffles and now Bluesky Invite etc to name a few. Aside from this, He's also one of 6 Scholars selected by Google for  Venkat Panchapakesan Scholarship & work with creators/companies on growth. If you are looking to work with Felix, reach out via Linkedin/Twitter or Email [email protected]

Note: There won't be any refunds

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