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Welcome to Foundation App Pay-It Forward Invite Train Yay! Crossed 400+ Supporters🚀. World's largest trusted Foundation peer-to-peer Invite Train 🎉) Free from Internet Scammers or Hefty Foundation invites SOLD for $10,000+. Our goal is simple, pay-it forward:) 

How does Foundation.App Invite code train work?

There are 2 ways to get creator access on Foundation to list NFTs:

🐌Normal way: Wait in the upvote queue with 50,000+ (Top 50 are selected each week based on highest upvote count) and get access after years!

🚀Fast way: Get creator invite through our invite train

Our community helps each other to get on to Foundation. Since starting a few weeks back, we invited over 400+ creators to Foundation and listing their First NFTs! We get 5-10 invites each day as listed NFTs get sold :) 

Buy me 20 or more cups of coffee(mandatory) to be added on the Foundation Invite Train. Tell me what you are most looking forward to mint via Foundation App :) I will be adding you on the Train where Invites are shared with you when someone gets theirs.#passitforward

Similarly, Whenever you get an extra invite(peer-to-peer invite gets released after having your first NFTs are sold, extremely scarce hence), you share it with others in the chain. This way everyone ends up getting invites and invites won't run out. It's simple, right. There are a no scope for bad players, everyone likes to give back:)  No one is neither buying nor selling invites in our community, the community I (Felix) run is paywalled for the efforts and time to keep it running. Not everyone understands it but that's totally cool :)

Transparency Weekly updates:

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 | Week 9 | Week 10 | Week 11 | Week 12 | Week 13 | Week 14 | Week 15 | Week 16 | Week 17 | Week 18 | Week 19 | Week 20 | Week 21 | Week 22 Updates

How to be added to this community?

Just buy me 20 or more cups of coffee (mandatory), I’ll maintain a google sheet, Discord community and keep track of where our invites are being spread across. Next steps & group link are at confirmation page. See you soon:)

Got extra invites and wish to pass forward to our train? Have doubts or other issues? We use PayPal/Stripe secure for all payments so you are in safe hands:). email me on [email protected] if you face any issues.

How many people are in the queue before me if I join your chain now?

We invited over 400+ creators since we started a few weeks back and the best part of the train is that it's dynamic. Meaning: We prioritise queue in such a way that who could immediately list and bring invites back to train sooner than later. Some like to list their NFTs 2 months or weeks from now. Some like to take time and get everything sorted before they list their NFTs. So we schedule their invites likewise, so that it won't delay or halt the whole train. Hope that makes sense:) (To put comparison, over 50,000+ profiles are on Foundation Community Upvote, so this is a way way faster method to be in)

I am new to NFTs, would this community help me?

Certainly, we understand NFTs are quite new and there aren't many playbooks out there. After helping 400+ creators onboard the foundation, listing first NFTs, marketing it, getting it sold, our community has tested and tried almost everything. We know what works and what doesn’t. We made it into simple and easily digestible knowledge articles exclusively for our community members which you will be accessed along with an invite.

Questions like what’s the perfect time to list, places to promote NFTs once listed, etc are all made simpler by helpful guides we made(example).

What are you waiting for?

Why buy me "20" coffees at all?

Coffee keeps me awake at night and build this community (It takes time and consistent effort, It's the fuel for the train in other ways), Hit me up with lots of caffeine! I’m gonna need them:) A portion of all proceeds go to Organisations enabling learning of 21st Century Skills (which I believe is the need of hour)

And finally, If you are ever visiting God's Own Country AKA Kerala (after pandemic), the coffee is on me :)

PS: Invite is 100% guaranteed✅(Read this).Only join if you have ready to list NFTs  + if you have the patience, the heart to pay-it forward & make someones day. then and only then join this train. Over 400+ got their invites using this and you could too. There won't be any refunds and proceeds would go to Organisations I support. ✌️Peace

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Leaderboard (update: omitted names do to privacy & safety)

Anon : 26 coffees (got access to FND)

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& 400 others (wall of love)


My Background:

#1 Marketing creator on Buy Me a Coffee. Previously I built Pay-IT forward trains & helped 1000+ innocent people join Hey, ClubhouseDispo and now Foundation App Invite link train without being scammed. Open sources creator learnings on Creators Community, Hosts #MeetupOverCoffee with creators:)

I am creating opportunities for Growth & Excellence. I do things for sheer fun of it and my current interests are Product, Growth, Community, Leadership, Tech Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

I am also one among 6 Google Scholars from India, Spoke at International Conferences & Authored book titled "Insiders secret's to Mastering M-Commerce", all products launched on Product Hunt are Top 3 all before I was 22 yo.

I always try to meetup with folks over cup of coffee( Mostly Students & Product Builders) wherever I go. The knowledge being shared is immense and often widens the horizon of both. Taking this experience to Digital with this BMC page.

Let's hangout for a coffee. Make sure to carry a cup of coffee/water/anything drinkable when we meet.

Reach me on [email protected] and Full Bio on my LinkedIn


Last updated: September 2021