Realtime gas and listing fees on Foundation can be watched here:

Our Invite train has a #gas-fee channel on our community. It's quite thrilling to time spend there.

The gas & listing fees are a huge factor while listing your NFTs on Foundation.App.

Sometimes it's super unaffordable even for anyone.

That's like $1200 which's insane in my opinion.

This happens when there is congestion on ETH network. ETH 2.0 update will hopefully reduce it by 100x times is what we hope. Fingers crossed on that one.

Here is the lowest we seen. Sometime it came less than 20 if i remember correctly.

All in all, it's super expensive to list your NFTs on Foundation atleast now. Make sure you have enough ETH procured on your metamask wallet at all the time and be ready to list whenever this is cheap or low. That's the only way to win this NFT game.

I jotted down few techniques here on how to promote your first NFTs:

Hope this helps, seen you on next one:)