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Successfully invited 150+ Foundation creators invites & ETA for invite (November : 500+)

May 13, 2021

November 2021 update: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixjosemon/week-28-update-november-2021-eth-ath

Update As of Week 13 and onwards : Average Time for an Invite : 30min-3 hours (Varies on Timezone).

This is one of the frequent question we get asked. To set things clear, this is no instant service or anything. We are a pass it forward train.

So how long to get a Foundation Invite?

It depends.

Let me explain you why and how we decide to invite you next or not.

We get 5-10 creator invites every day from the creators that already got in via our train/outside. It's not same everyday, it varies based on the frequency of listing, how soon one lists, gas fees, backup bidding, potential buyers and many other parameters.

More than 150 creators(250 as of Week 10) who already got their access to foundation since we started a few weeks back. It's safe to say we are way faster than the 30,000+ profiles on Community upvote queue in any case and trusted too.

As and when they get their invites (we can't predict any of this, it may or may not happen, but we do our best), they pass it forward to train. If each were able to share at least 5 invites, it's easily 750 or more. Our community help each other out and supports one another while someone is listing. Tips, Tricks and all the curated learnings is what our train offers extra. We also plan to meet IRL once this pandemic is over and drink coffee together:)

The type of relationship I wish to have with my coffee supporters is very dear to my heart. We will be coffee friends for life:) If you ever come to Kerala, I would be the first one to treat you with coffees(Real one)!

Thus an invite is 100% guaranteed. If someone is offering you an Instant Invite, it's more likely as scam.

Hence if you are impatient, I must have to disappoint you. Please don't join our train

Only if you are patient with our process and ready to pass it forward, join.

After running it for the first few weeks, we took some learnings and decided on following. This way the train doesn't get halted and moves forward each day.

Here's a snapshot from our community:

Also read: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixjosemon/is-train-right-fit



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