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Who We Are:

Fellow Sheep Fellowship is an ongoing Ladies Bible Study that takes place in the Women Found Faithful Network. The Podcast is hosted by Danielle & Julianna and features our own learning as well as featured thoughts and insight from our community members.

What We Do:

Nourish:  We're not teachers, preachers, experts or leaders.  We are just fellow sheep, feeding on the Word of God and sharing our daily bread with one another.

Unite: We recognize that leaven, false doctrine, false teachings, sin and "missing the mark" can be found across all denominations and churches as well as in the lives of all believers around the world to some degree or another. In letting go of our pride, we seek to come together to build one another up in the faith and to sharpen and challenge one another to grow in our walk with God and our knowledge, understanding and application of God’s word.

Test: Because our allegiance is not to a creed, a doctrine, a teacher, a denomination or a religion, but to God and God alone, we are open to allowing the scripture to teach, reproof, correct and train us in righteousness. We do not debate one another, but instead we test all things together, using the Word of God to prove what is true.

How To Follow Along:

Tune in to our bi-weekly podcast where we will journey together through scripture in a chronological order!  Find us on your favourite podcasting app by searching for Fellow Sheep Fellowship, or check out our Fellow Sheep Fellowship Playlist on our Women Found Faithful Youtube Channel.

How To Get Involved:

Private Group: The Women Found Faithful network is for Jesus following women who are seeking to live their lives with intention and be found faithful upon the return of their King.  In this community you'll find various groups for discussion and support of the different areas of our lives that we are seeking to grow in, including our Faith Walk.

Women who want to study along with us and join in on the Fellow Sheep Fellowship conversations are invited to join the Faith Walk group within the Women Found Faithful Network.  In this group you will find an area for sharing your prayer requests, an area for previous podcast drops and an area with upcoming scripture readings.  

Members of this group will be encouraged to check out the current scripture readings and share any nuggets of insight, wisdom, learning, understanding, application and reflection that you have on this week’s passages.

Members’ comment my be selected to be highlighted and shared on our next podcast!

Slow Debate: As we progress through scripture, will be seeking to identify any any points of differing perspective and belief as well as topics that merit ongoing discussion and study. These topics will be organized into a topical directory, accessible for members and will be added to as we learn and grow together.

How To Support the Project:

One-off donations can be given under the "Support" option, by "Buying Us Coffees."

Alternatively, monthly support can be given in any amount through the "Membership" option.  You can highlight the 1 and enter any amount that you would like. 

Prayers for protection, guidance and spiritual fruitfulness are also greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for checking out our page.  We hope to see you in the community!