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After graduating from Duke University in 2017, I suffered from post-graduation depression and had trouble establishing a new sense of identity that was not tied to being a student. Over time, I started to realize that the vast majority of my female friends were going through a very similar experience. No matter where we were living, how prestigious our employer was or much money we were making, we all felt overwhelmed, anxious, and lost as we were trying to figure out what role we want to play in this world.

Unfortunately, our 16+ years in school had not equipped us with many of the basic life skills we needed to succeed as a functioning adult, such has how to manage our money, how to build our personal brand, how to take care of our mental health, or how to find purpose in our career.

My mission with Femme Hive is to have those genuine and vulnerable conversations with a diverse group of females from all over the world in order to empower Millennial & Gen Z womxn to become more confident about successfully navigating their lives as young, badass female professionals.

Lucy Grimwade
Lucy Grimwade bought a pizza.

Love what you do in the female empowerment space. Thank you for all your wonderful content and keep it up.