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Do you listen to your stories?

May 31, 2021

Are you ever just still enough to hear [the answers]. I love that. Listen to your story.

When you’re in the midst of your screenplay do you listen to the characters? Listen to what they want. Listen to the sounds of their world.

Sounds cheesy, right? Nope. Not cheesy.

If you’ve never listened to your stories, start now. Sometimes this means letting your draft sit for a few days untouched, and letting the scenes and the world you’ve created swirl around in your head. Letting your mind marinate in the details.

Then come back to the draft and see what you’ve learned. The characters, scenes, themes, worlds, questions, conflicts, and tensions of your story reside in your unconscious mind. It takes work to access them. Meditating also helps...

So, listen to your story. And be sure you’re still enough to hear what it’s saying.

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