Buy Fernando Moya de Rivas a coffee


Who am I?

My name is Fernando and I come from Spain. I'm an iOS Engineer, currently based in Dublin. I'm a passionate of coding and this drives me to want to share my knowledge within the community. Follow me on Medium for tutorials on the last iOS features.

What am I working on?

I have several projects that take my time nowadays. Most of them are SwiftUI related and iOS 13 / macCatalyst tutorials. It's worth mentioning the jewel in the crown, SwiftUIPager. This library allows you to create a Pager for SwiftUI and adds multiple modifiers to customize it.

What's my goal?

I do this for fun and to make a name, earn visibility and respect within the iOS community. My goal is to share my experience and contribute to the community with my ideas and open-source code.

Why is sponsoring important?

Even if for fun, it takes many hours to come up with an idea, implement it and more importantly maintain it and extend it with new features. As much as I love doing it, the number of issues and comments can be sometimes overwhelming. Not to say, this is something I don't live off, but something I do on my free time on the weekends or late at night after work.

So if you want to thank me in any way by buying me a coffee / beer, it will be very much appreciated.