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Hi, I'm a first-gen Latina full-stack developer and also a beauty blogger! I started my transition to tech in 2021 and was 1 of 15 driven women out of 1200 accepted to Hackbright Academy full-stack web dev bootcamp on a scholarship as of late 2022. It was more than I ever dreamed I'd accomplish, but through hard work, anything can be done.

My intrigue in tech began in college, but I never felt capable enough to pursue a career in the field and let that dream slowly slip away. Flash forward to 2020 COVID-era when I was let go of my finance job and was still debating a career transition. In March of 2020 my younger brother passed away tragically, but before then we'd had a conversation where I expressed my desire to go into software engineering and he told me, "If you've already gotten this far what makes you think you can't go further? Stop complaining and just do it already." And so I did, and here I am in the midst of what sometimes feels like a behemoth of a change. 

I'm a strong advocate of BIPOC individuals in STEM and believe that we have so much to contribute to this field as underrepresented individuals. If you've gotten this far, thank you for reading and if you'd like to buy me a coffee, thanks! If not, that's ok too! Know that I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by!