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“I know what you’re all thinking: ‘Who has time anymore for a history lesson?’ what with the constant gunfire that most likely rings out every night and all, unless you are fortunate enough to be one of the selected few of the Queen’s court. Well as I can tell you, as my father did before me, history is always doomed to repeat itself. So I take it upon myself to attempt to educate those that come after me, maybe make some sort of attempt to stop the inevitable.

Who am I you might ask? I am The Librarian, and like my father before me, and his father, we are part of a long line of Librarians. Some people reading might ask, what’s the importance of being a Librarian? Well, we have always been interested in trading the only commodity actually worth anything on this rock: Information. Even back in the war, my great-great-grandfather was a radio engineer, trading secrets to the alliance military for the safety afforded of being out in the middle of nowhere on that huge ice cube known as Antarctica. Well, friends, gather round. Heat up your coffee pots, grab a snack, because have I got a story for you…”