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Hey 👋

I have been a yoga teacher for awhile now and I created this page for my clients, friends and family who want to support me by buy me a coffee, or five! 😉 Just like a 'tip' jar to send me some love. x So for those who have taken a class with me, hope you've enjoyed it or benefited from it in any way xx

Sending so much love and light xx

Ollie & Marjit
Ollie & Marjit bought 12 coffees.
Issei Sawada
Issei Sawada bought a coffee.

Thanks Ellie for today! Enjoyed the workout and your presence 🥰🙏👏

Hasmin Aranguren
Hasmin Aranguren bought 5 coffees.

Keep shining bright cuz.  

Betty Castillo
Betty Castillo bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for the ❤️ & ✨ from today's yin yoga. - From Saki, Gelo & Betty

Betty Castillo
Betty Castillo bought a coffee.

Thanks for the ❤️  & ✨ from today's yin yoga. 

Thank you Betty. It was so nice to have you there! 🙏 😍