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I'm Tiffy, the voice behind Fidgets and Fries. I'm a writer, creative, conscious dreamer, hoarder of jeggings, and pie slayer. I am an Autistic mother raising two Autistic boys, Aidan and Josiah, with my husband.

This space will provide those with the necessary tools to be effective allies to not only the Black community at large, but all those with intersecting identities as well. 

My work rests atop a foundation in challenging the current perception of Autism as being a lifelong burden, cultivating a community that explores the intersectional allyship, and inspiring thought leaders through storytelling, education, and conversation.

I will provide you with content and resources in addition to the seed of conversation to aid in your growth as an ally. I am a writer and an advocate, I believe in the power of words coupled with knowledge as a means to inspire action. This space will be different from my other social media spaces in that my primary focus here, is to educate. I provide purposeful instruction to guide you on this journey. 

Your support tells me that what I put out there has touched you in such a way that it has inspired you to act. I pour my heart into every single thing I write, including an Instagram post. I never set out to be an educator. I am just a gal who loves to write. My very existence and all that I have overcome led me here. 

All that I am and all that I do comes from my love of writing. The amount of labor (intellectual, spiritual, emotional) I put into each piece shows you how passionate I am about this work. Your support is one of the best ways you can help aid in my continuing to do my very best to put more meaningful content out there for your consumption.

Your support here will go towards maintenance of my spaces devoted towards sharing knowledge and growing more inclusive communities, my mental and physical well-being, as well as providing a path for me to continue my studies so that I can continue to inspire and educate others through my work.

Sooooo....welcome, I just created a page here, you can now buy me a pen!