Luntiang Aghama is making effort to reach out many people in any means. From the start of our Ministry which started online, our presence in the cyber world has been innumerable. By just typing the word Luntiang Aghama in your web browser, it will show you numerous sites where we could be found.

This year on January 21, 2021- me and lakay have joined a live streaming app which is called Bigo Live TV. It is a live streaming platform owned by a Singapore Based Bigo Technology which was founded on 2014. In this app, people could go live and watch trendy streams. And that make us use this app. As a minor religious organization, we are looking ways how to educate people about our beliefs and practices by showing and making them experience what we do. In this app, we do live Psychic Counseling by reading tarot cards and sometimes we do distant healing on this app.

Everyday we do live streaming using this app and extend our services to anyone who needs it in exchange for a small amount of beans. The beans we collect are a form of gifts which we could monetize that can be exchanged into US Dollars. If we receive 210 beans we can exchange that into USD 1.00. It is very minimum, but what we earned here is we collect in order to support our ministry in the shrine. People can ask us for a reading without a price, but if you have an extra bean you could gift us with that to support our work in Bigo Live TV.

You can follow us by searching us at Bigo Live TV using our Bigo ID: apuadman and Bigo ID: alsent_siadtala