The belief in Ghost by Pilipino are probably an influence by the Chinese Merchant when trading occur during the Tang Dynasty in our country from the 7th Century to 900 AD. But prior to that, our ancestors already believed in Ghost but not literally the term Ghost but similar to that which is the Kaluluwa. Ghost in definition are the Souls of person when they die. In our own culture, we believe that all living person has souls and the reason why a person die because the soul left their body.

When a soul left their body through death, all souls will go to the underworld which has two compartments or layer. When a Bad person die, the soul will go to a reformation center which is called Kasanaan. For the Christians they call this place as a Hell. (but i'm thinkin about the concept of purgatory.) And person who is good when they are alive, their soul will go to Maka which is the paradise of the soul.

I remember one TikTok follower have asked me if I am seeing "Multo" which means Ghost in Filipino, I say Yes i do specially when i attend funeral service. But I explained to him what do "Multo" really means. I said that the word Multo is a tagalized version of the Spanish word Muerte which means dead. So the word "Multo" is the body of a person who die that lies down in a coffin. So if I am being asked if I see Multo, my answer would be Yes. But If i am asked if i could see a Spirit or Soul, my answer will still be yes, specially when I conducted healing rituals. Remember as Manghihilot, I am not only dealing with the Physical Body of the Person but also their Souls and Spirits.

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