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If I am not a Manghihilot, Who I am today?

Jun 07, 2021

I always feel that I am running out of time. There are lot of things that I need to do as I made my choice on what kind of life should i live. Actually, I may choose to be employed in other company but the work that I started to do 20 years ago will stop. I already have made a Video through Peace Prayer TV about Who I am Today if I am Not Who I am Today. You can watch that here:


This video was recorded on 2015 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when i work there as Massage Therapist. That time I reminisce my childhood days when i get lost. Then this video makes me ask again myself If I am not Who I am today, what will I be? I'm already 43 years old and it is difficult for me now to turn back time (though not in my mind but my only my body does).

Since year 1998, i have developed my passion in Hilot as Natural Medicine. And through studying Hilot with the practitioners who cared for my parents I see that it is more than taking care of the Physical Health. I observed that they practice Tawas in communicating with the unseen that may contribute to the illness of the person. My Mother who is a Registered Nurse-Midwife also has faith in Traditional Medicine as she also learns how the power of touch could heal the illness of man as well as the broken soul. On year 2000, i have secretly found the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama. I work out my spiritual path so that I may understand the miracles that happens during healing as well as in doing prayer. Since my interest lead me to Healing, I took up Diploma Course in Alternative Medicine at Saint Francis Divine College School of Alternative Medicine that was headed by the Late Dr. Rueben M. Galang Jr.

When I entered the School, I thought that i will be with young students who really do not have knowledge about the course that we take. To my surprise, i was with adult people from different walk of life. There are Business Men, Teachers, Doctors, Nun and even Psychics like me. I was the youngest person who took that course at that time. When the time has come for me to take the Clinical Training/ Apprenticeship, I ask my professor why Psychism has been included on the modality of Alternative Medicine and his response was very remarkable. He told me that in order to cure the Physical Illness we must also cure the spirit in order to obtain Holistic Wellness. His response also remind me of what Lakay Magbaya have told me why he choose to walk the path as a Healer. As I finished this course, i found it difficult to generate income unless you are already a professional with Business or a person with a title. At that time, I am really Nothing at All. No Money! No Name! No Work! But what I only have is Faith.

Though the course was about Alternative Medicine, it does not touch to discuss about Hilot as Philippine Traditional Medicine. So i do my own Job of researching and studying it through experience. Fortunately, my Psychic Abilities help me fund my passion because I was able to be featured in National Television. From that time after being featured, many people make appointment either for psychic consultation or healing. There i perform Tawas and amazingly it becomes accurate for them. Even to my self I wonder How do Tawas could determine the cause of Illness or even affect cure right after performing the rituals (procedures) i do. These miracles have opened the door to me to conduct further research and study on Tawas that also lead me to master the Body Work Techniques of Hilot.

On 2008, I've become TESDA Certified and Accredited Trainer and Assessor on Hilot Wellness Massage NC2. As a Trainer, I was assigned in urban poor communities and rural areas. There i was able to observe the behaviors of my students by immersing my self to their lifestyle and also ask them about situations and what will they do about it. I must grab that opportunity to be with the people by learning from them as well and not only training them as how i was told to do. These response and experience I have from these people is what i gathered and documented.

On 2016, when i came back to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia I started the Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and offered what I know about Traditional FIlipino Healing Arts and Science. And gratefully many people have supported me by taking the course that i offer in the Academy. There are many Hilot Schools that is well established here in the Philippines but it is only Hilot Academy where people can found a Course on doing Tawas. Though TESDA and PITAHC have secularized Hilot, we in Hilot Academy have maintained the Spirituality of Hilot Modality by harmonizing it to Science. As we have taught in the Academy that: " A body without the Spirit is Dead" so our teaching also have the touch of spirituality in every subjects we provide.

But that is now the problem to me. At this point of time, many people are having interest in Hilot so as the Law Makers are drafting new Law to standardize the Practice of Hilot such as the Senator Manny Pacquaio who have drafted a Senate Bill 556. I have asked my self why I go this too far? What if I stop doing what i Do now? I think life should be simple. I ask this to Lakay why i have arrived in this situation, he said: "You are not just a simple Teacher or Trainer. But you are a creator."

Indeed! I have told Lakay the difference of what I do. School Teachers teach lessons from the Standards that the Government have told them to teach. But for us here in Hilot Academy and Luntiang Aghama, we are the one who create what we should learn in life in order to live. We do not just walk on the Path, we are the one who are creating the Path in order to reach the Pinnacle of the Mountain that we are threading to. Colonization make us lost. Being Lost does not mean that our destination is Gone. It is still there but tall grasses have covered the path towards it. So now we make ways so that we could reach our destination. And Hilot Academy and Luntiang Aghama is providing that way for us to come back to who truly we are.


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