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Hey there👋 If you're enjoying my free content and want to support but aren't sure how, you can now buy me a coffee! This will be much needed and appreciated as a new mom keeping up with content creation so thank you. Seriously. 

Jade Johnson is a new mama taking a post college gap year to focus on all things motherhood + building a financial literacy company. With a marketing degree and a passion for personal finance, she seeks to create a brand that sparks the tough conversations about money. 

Jade's financial journey started back in 2020 and since then she has been able to save/invest more than $50k while going to college full time. She shares her learnings, tips, and struggles with those in her community and even mentors clients on a more personal level through her paid program 'Confidence in CASH'. 

Your coffee will give her the energy for the following ongoing projects:

- Upgrading money mentorship program 'Confidence in Cash'

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