Here are 3 Startups that caught my attention in the past week 👇🏾


Taking 3D printing to infinity and beyond quite literally. Startup Rocket printer Relatively space is set to revolutionize the way rockets are traditionally made. Relatively space use of 3D printing is to allow for cheaper construction costs as well as making it a lot faster to build them. Of recent, it has raised a grand total of 500 million, and that’s just before it has even sent anything to space. The first orbital rocket is set to take off in late 2021.


Add import random.js to line 5. You can now code without laying a finger on your keyboard! Serenade is revolutionalizing the way coding is done. Simply speak to have any block of code printed out any editor in any developer language. The app when downloaded can work seamlessly with visual studio and Intelli J, and uses the startup’s AI engine and translate what you say into syntactically correct code. So sit back and speak to build your next Twitter or WhatsApp!

Takeaways have been delivered around the clock since COVID -19 appeared this year. But the most frustrating aspect of ordering one is when you’re put on hold for so long, you might have sneaked in a yawn. But here is how this startup Kea is using AI to make it less time-consuming. Kea is a virtual cashier that can do the initial intake with customers, process most standard orders, and more importantly, bring in an employee on the line when needed in an instant. Kea is currently live across 250 restaurants in the US, with Papa John’s and Donatos all reporting it has saved them an average of 10 hours of labor per week, with a 23% increase in average order size