The Journal Theme for 2022 is Practice: Harness Healthy Habits

Each month for 21 days starting January, we can practice breathwork and build healthy habits on this.

Did you know that deep belly breathing is one of your direct links to activating your parasympathetic nervous system?

This part of your autonomic nervous system is responsible for 'reset, digest, and restore.'

It works to balance out the stress response and 'calm down the sympathetic nervous system.

How will we set up this month's habit for positive growth?

Set the goal to practice breathwork for at least 21 days this month.

Make that goal achievable by setting a realistic time you will practice. I will be assigning myself between 2-5 minutes, any more than this, and I know I won't stick to it. This way, I know that I can do 5 minutes or even more on days I have the capacity. On days where it's all hectic, and I've climbed into bed and suddenly remembered that I haven't done my breathwork, I can roll onto my back and spend 2 minutes breathing deeply into my belly before going to sleep.

Keep a calendar where you mark off each day you complete. I recommend my printable calendar and tracker for January's habit so that you can print it, post it somewhere visible, and track days as you breathe. This calendar is included with membership, or click here to purchase and download the 21-day calendar WITHOUT membership.

You might like to set a reminder on your phone each evening to prompt you in case you forget your daily practice. Don't worry; I got you covered with a cool-calm wallpaper I illustrated for your phone as a visual reminder. Again this gift is included with membership, or you can purchase it from here.

Remember - setting new habits will take practice and repetition. It's okay if it doesn't come naturally.

If you miss a day, do NOT beat yourself up. Life happens. You can use this as a learning experience to ask yourself what got in the way, as your answers here are likely the things that get in the way of other things in your life.

Not sure what breathwork to try this month?

Unsure how to create a breathing practice?

Grab a free trial period with Oxycise. They have many different breathing practices to try to support your breathing habit!

Use the code ELISABETH at checkout for an exclusive discount.

I'll be posting and sharing personal progress throughout the month-one breath, one page, one day at a time.

I also encourage you to share your experience and progress on your Instagram- tag me @findjij and hashtag #harnesshealthyhabits

Together we will make space to nourish positive growth! Don't forget to grab the January Breathing Bundle with membership or if you would like to support me, you can purchase the 12 months 21-day calendar and phone wallpaper separately.
Take a deep breath. Gratitude for the grind. Smile.