Hi, how are you feeling?

Take a deeeeeeep breath. And another one. And another one. You are here. Your mind is here.

Have you ever noticed how you breathe when you feel relaxed? 

The next time you are relaxed, take a moment to notice how your body feels. Or think about how you breathe when you first wake up in the morning or just before you fall asleep. 

Breathing exercises help me relax because they make my body feel like it does when I'm already settled. 

Deep breathing is one of my favorite ways to lower stress in the body. Many experiences are the same. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

Breathing exercises are easy to learn. You can do them whenever you want, and you don't need any special tools or equipment to do them.

You can do different exercises to see which works best for you.

Do you practice deep breathing?

Start with the basics like belly breathing or my personal favorite Oxycise. You can try it and learn FREE for a trial period.

I was hoping you could join me on my journey this year to practice deep breathing for relaxation and wellness. I'm hoping it will hold me accountable for prioritizing deep self-care. Click HERE to get started + supported.

This is my positive experience. As always consult your healthcare practitioner first, before beginning a new physical activity.