Oct 29, 2022

As rain lashes at my window, 

I seek to forget,

That my only companions, 

Are my dark regrets,

They sit with me in silence, 

behind my cigarette

Reminding me ever softly, 

Of what I have beget.

As rain lashes at my window, 

A knock upon the door,

Who it is at this hour?

Their entrance I implore,

Perhaps it is a demon come,

To dance upon my floor,

Seeking payment from me,

That I can scarce afford.

As rain lashes at my window,

A shadow does lightly cross,

Flickered flames that dance,

‘pon logs so blithely tossed,

Reminding me with bitter joy,

Of all I have lost,

Reminding me forever softly,

Of what my acts have cost.

As rain lashes at my window,

Before me does now stand,

A shadowed figure bending,

And reaching for my hand,

Perhaps they are a herald,

Bearing reprimand,

Or they are the consequence,

For flames I’ve fanned.

As rain lashes at my window,

I ask them for their name,

Who beckons at this hour,

Be they beast or tame,

Standing straight they smile,

And I am stricken lame,

As they confess they are the demon,

Of such wretched fame.

As rain lashes at my window,

He offers me a deal,

To take away now from me,

This pain that I do feel,

To strike from mind and memory,

Every harsh ordeal,

Or to sit in quiet anguish,

Until my last meal.

As rain lashes at my window,

To him I do confess,

That his most tempting offer,

I yearn to address,

But it is not so simple a task,

To lessen my duress,

Nor is it fair to others,

To whom I caused distress.

As rain lashes at my window,

He speaks in softer tones,

His voice now much more sibilant,

That cuts me to my bones,

He tells me there will come a day,

When I am not so bold,

And when that time has finally come,

I’d wish I had his loan.

As rain lashes at my window,

He hastens for my door,

His footsteps barely echo,

Upon my chamber floor,

When he reaches yonder portal,

He glances back once more,

That gaze shall forever haunt me,

Seared upon my core.

As rain lashes at my window,

I look once more without,

Wishing it would quench within me,

This everlasting drought,

I never saw Mephistopheles,

Again after our bout,

Though this was not a victory,

I could ever tout.

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