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Hello. Welcome to Firm Feet®. I’m Charlotte Boyd. I live in Edinburgh. I am a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner certified by the College of Sound Healing and Embodiment Facilitator represented by People Dancing; foundation for community dance. I created Firm Feet® to offer ways to balance everyday mental wellbeing using sound and movement. I am keen to use my knowledge and experiences as a way of helping others.

I combine my deep love for music and movement in my Firm Feet® Dance in the dark sessions, I have created an online audio subscription.

I offer 1:1 tailored Sound healing sessions using my voice and other instruments to work through stagnation in the mind and body. Using vibration and resonance to balance and restore.

I keep these sessions at low community prices to help reach people and be accessible for those who need support.

I’d hugely appreciate it if you bought me a coffee to enable me to support more people balance their everyday mental wellbeing.

Thank you.

Charlie x

Teebee bought a pot of tea.

Well done Charlie.  Dance in the Dark is amazing!

THANK YOU for your generosity.