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We believe everyone should have the skills and confidence to save a life with first aid.

We created as a free online resource to promote awareness of lifesaving skills.

Our online courses, first aid flashcards and first aid blog posts are incredibly popular. Last year, over a half a million people visited our website!

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Suz bought a coffee.

Very well organized and explained - good videos to illustrate points.

Thank you for your kind words! 😊 

Jenni Warbrick
Jenni Warbrick bought a coffee.

The free online first aid awareness courses are fantastic! Your descriptions of what is happening in the body during anaphylaxis are the most concise and userfriendly I have found to date! thank you :)

Thank you so much! We're glad you have found the courses useful :) - John & team

Chris Jefferies
Someone bought a coffee.