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Hey 👋 I'm Maximiliano Firtman (also known as @firt). I've been doing content (articles, videos, books) for mobile and web developers for more than 15 years always as a freelance developer. If you want to support what I do, you can now buy me a coffee!
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Very informative article. Thanks for taking the time to provide all of this up-to-date info on PWAs vis-a-vis iOS.

Vincent Stack
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Thanks so much for all you do especially in the PWA area. I intend to take your publish PWA course so I can publish to Apple store. My fear however is that Apple IOS will never fully engage. I see how uncomfortable they are with you and your valiant quest to push progressive web technology. PWAs are perfect for for my small business apps.

Thanks Vincent. Good luck with that App Store PWA publishing ;)

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thank you so much for driving and covering PWAs so well and for so long.

Thanks! Much appreciated

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