DIY Scavenger Hunt

Nov 20, 2021

Create your own escape room around the house using our collection of puzzles and suggested locations. No equipment required!

Making an escape room can be costly and complicated, but printing off premade puzzles is the quickest fix! With this game, you only need to pick which ones to use, and set them around the house.

Since this game has a more general theme, it’s perfect for all occasions! The puzzles span a variety of themes as well, so there’s a puzzle for everyone (Disney songs, geography, Harry Potter, sports, and more!).

What do you need to do? Everything you need to know is in this PDF download, but here’s an overview:

  • Print your favorite puzzles and location ciphers.

  • Choose how to organize them with the included setup guide.

  • Cut them out and prepare as per the detailed instructions.

  • Watch your players solve clues and race around the house to escape!

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