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Hello Fizzies,

You can now buy us a a fizzy drink to support our work! Listen to our podcast on, or on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. We bring you high-quality audio drama by womxn from around the world, as well as super interesting chats with our writers as well as their chosen special guest, which could be a historian, an environmental activist, an expert on marine biology, a psychologist, a member of Police Spies Out of Lives - you name it! Wherever they are from you can be sure they have something special to add when discussing the content of the play. 

We grew out of a new writing initiative set up in 2016 in East London by Tamara von Werthern and Lily McLeish, and decided to turn the concept into a podcast during the 2020 lockdown, as a way to enable all these brilliant voices to be heard and for our audiences to experience great quality drama wherever they are. We are now an all-female team of 7, including producers Ameena Hamid & Steph Weller, directors Anna Girvan & Sandra Theresa Buch and writer, actor and (together with Tamara and Lily) co-host Josephine Starte. We aim to connect creatives globally and our audience stretches across the globe too. Join us, have a listen, and if you like what you hear, buy us a drink!

We were utterly delighted to receive a Special Mention Award at The Sarahs in New York (international fiction podcasting award) in November 2020 for the episode WHITE TUESDAY by Eve Leigh in our pilot season.

Your support will help us to continue the work, and bring you more fresh and exciting drama, wherever you are.

And you can be sure we'll all do a little dance, too :)


Tamara, Lily & the Fizzy Sherbet Team

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