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Andy Adams is a culture producer + digital director whose work explores current ideas in visual culture. Find him on Instagram @FlakPhoto.

Hey Gang - Andy here.

As most of you know, the FlakPhoto project is a labor of love - it's not a business. That means I fund this stuff on my own as I have from the start.

The benefit of that is complete creative freedom. But it comes at a price. Namely, the costs of paying for website hosting and email newsletter software.

And, I guess, my time. Hard to put a price on that.

We've all got expenses and this isn't your top priority. I appreciate that. But if you would think it worth spending a few bucks to support the FlakPhoto Project - to keep the social feeds, Facebook groups, and email newsletter running, ad-free, and open to everyone, please give whatever you can.

Thanks again for supporting this project! I appreciate it.