Hello! my name is Johan Dominguez, and I am a Venezuelan illustrator

Greetings, guys!

I'm Johan Dominguez, Venezuelan illustrator. In my early years I could only use a mouse to create illustrations. And now, thanks to you, I have been able to obtain my first graphics tablet a few months ago, improving the quality of my illustrations, and showing my gratitude through an exponential improvement and that still continues to grow when ordering.

Now the illustrations are my livelihood, my only income. Due to the current economic situation in my country, Venezuela, which is currently in a decline, my family and I are struggling to move forward, so we need your support like never before.

That is why I now ask for your help. To be honest, my current position is close to bankruptcy. If you really like my art, and the delivery that I put in each illustration, I would appreciate your support.

Someone bought a coffee.


$3 of $200 goal reached!

My goal is to press a graphic tablet and create better works