Origin of the Name

Nov 27, 2020

Named after the home of Tim and Elizabeth Russell, Flight House is a journey into Egypt. 

When the creative brother and sister pair were looking for a new home, Elizabeth dedicated the journey to St. Joseph, feeling that he was leading them out of a long dryness (the stables of Bethlehem), and into a redemptive journey of trust and growth. In exchange for the great saint’s patronage, she vowed to name her new home Flight House, after the Flight into Egypt.

Like the holy family on their journey to Egypt, St. Joseph did not fail in his steady grace to these two invoking his intercession. In fact, the creek and road that flow outside Elizabeth’s window, as she writes these words, are named for St. Joseph: “When we were looking for a place, we didn’t expect to move to this building. But when we learned the name of the creek, we realized the greatness of St. Joseph’s care. He had planned everything to be absolutely perfect for us.

”As we prepare for Heaven, we are each building a beautiful, nurturing, and temporary life; like the Holy Family in Egypt, we are trusting daily in the Lord, and never hesitating to step into His promises.”

St. Joseph, the patron of Flight House, leads all it’s members out of danger, death, and darkness, and into a redemptive path of obedience, vision, and hope. Join us on this journey. Support Flight House.

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