Structure of Community

Nov 27, 2020

Flight House consists of 3 members currently, Elizabeth Bernadette, Ina Castillo, and Timothy Russell. This number will grow until we reach our cap of 25 amazing creators!

Our creators come from all different backgrounds, with all different skill sets and perspectives on art. 

Whether you’re  

  • An Author

  • A Musician

  • A Painter

  • A Weaver

  • A Cartoonist

  • A Podcaster

  • A Videographer

  • A Play Write

  • A Script Writer

  • A Dancer

  • An Actor or Actress

  • A Fashion Designer

  • A Carpenter

  • or anyone else who produces creatively

  • you belong here! 

There are only 2 qualifications:

You are striving to be a saint and follow the precepts of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in your daily private life

You want to make a full-time income from your creating, and are dedicated to putting in the work to make that a reality. 

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