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Things Always Get Better

Jan 13, 2022


It's Thursday afternoon now. The event has been a rollercoaster of stress, frustration, delight, and relief! Technical issues creep out of the woodwork because hardware/software compatibility is a stack of homework in itself. Thankfully today it has stabilized.... for now. It would appear the Blackmagic ATEM mini Extreme ISO has a bit of a buggy recording function for external hard drives. I've used recommended SSDs (which for this hardware, the list of drives are just far too small for large production recording. It seems fine for this smaller production, but recording 4 feeds onto one drive is creating about 150GB for every 1.5 to 2hr session. It would be great if they had compatibility with larger external hard drives. But there are plenty of 5TB drives for backup storage space now! Tomorrow will be the final day of streaming and I will be free of these mechanical retraints and able to move into the next phase of my journey. I'm grateful in this time to get to know some powerful, low budget, and accessible equipment for live streaming. I've learned some great new skills to carry back home with me now that I have a live recorded event under my belt! I learned a lot from this experience in this field if I ever return to it in the future, but for my sanity may try to avoid it 🤷‍♂️

Well it's back to the event now

I'll catch ya next time!

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