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Hola Hola!

It's a great day, now that you are here with me in this metaverse.  Let's sit, chit chat, and heal you over some coffee. It's such an honor to share this time and space with you.

I'm Floral, a witch. Oh gosh, not that kind of witch. There are Witches that Heal, Witches of Light. Witches bring together earth elements, source energy, and the solar system to heal--humanity. My healing journey started a decade ago when I worked with an Inkan tribe, now, my family in South America. In search of a cure for my inner conflicts. This family of shamans was able to turn my life right side up. Mind blown by the intelligence of this Ancient Healing language— it became my purpose to master this technique, keep this ancient lineage alive, and spread the love for healing.

Healing is my service to the world. 

Heal you soon.

Much love,