CalCleaner v1.0.0 was just released!

CalCleaner is a simple utility to purge old events from CalDAV calendars.

Connect one or multiple CalDAV accounts (Nextcloud, Google Calendar, iCloud,...), select which calendars to clean, define the max age of events you want to keep and hit the "Clean Now!" button to let CalCleaner purge old events from your calendars. 🗓️🧹️

What's new

This version adds an option to disable SSL certificate validation. This allows to use it with servers using self-signed certificates. Error messages have also been improved when SSL errors occur.

CalCleaner now identifies itself as "CalCleaner/1.0.0" instead of "Mozilla/5.0" when making requests to servers.

This version also fixes some bugs. No more crashes when trying to remove empty (malformed) events. No more "ghost" calendars: when removing an account, the related calendars are no more displayed in the calendar list.

The software is now available in Italian (thanks to @albanobattistell) in addition to English and French.