3/5/21 Dev Log

3/5/21 Dev Log

Mar 06, 2021

Wow, my first dev log. How exciting! First of all, I want to say thanks to those who have already supported the development of Fluff Crush. I mean it when I say that I cannot fully express my gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, where are we? On the surface, as you all have seen, I've created full character designs and concepts as well as a name, logo design, and general feel for the game. Behind the scenes, however, I've done the majority of the research into the mechanics and possibilities of the RenPy engine. I also think Sublime Text looks like a good coding software for me to use when the time comes to get into that, and all 6 story arcs are completely outlined. And not to toot my own horn too much, but there's some real good content in these arcs, and I'm not even talking about the sex scenes!

So what's next? The next step is to start fleshing out all the details of each story. Write out all the conversations and inner monologues and take note of what expressions and scenes I'll need to draw later on. I'm going to be starting with Alice because she'll be the first dateable character the player will interact with and that's the easiest route for me to get into the flow of writing the stories. Also on the menu is to start putting together a little demo of the game; both to give people a taste of what's to come and to help me become more familiar with the process of things before taking it all on at a larger scale. So stay tuned for that!

That's about everything for now! Thanks again for all your support so far and I'm so excited to keep working on this!

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