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Bug Fix in Demo & General Update

Sep 26, 2022

It came to my attention that there was a bug with the demo where players would select the female dragon and would instead get the female opossum during the Alice hug scene. I replicated the issue and found that it was only happening with the cis female option, whereas the trans female option and masculine options were working just fine. At first I thought I just missed a parameter (with 16 combinations, it was very possible), but everything was where it needed to be. So I went through and started ruling stuff out.

It happened even if I switched the defaults in the customization menu,. It happened with both the NSFW and SFW screens. It switched when I removed the opossum option from the call screen, but then just moved down to the next option in the line; the cheetah. And when I switched the order of the opossum and the cheetah code strings, the opossum still showed up. It was very puzzling and, while I had narrowed down the root of the issue to be the call screens for that scene, I couldn't figure out what was the root issue. So I turned to the RenPy reddit to see if there was a simpler solution before I went about separating the code strings and creating even more code spaghetti. Thankfully, someone reached out and gave the suggestion to put the initial parameters for the assemblies into parentheses so Python would read and process those first, then read the species selection.  I tried it and everything worked perfectly! So I repackaged everything and uploaded the new zip folders so everything should be ship-shape now!

In other news, I'm done with my hiatus of commission work! So progress on the full game is officially underway! I've already ported most of the code for the settings over and am in the process of overhauling the entire customization screen. Sigh... I was so proud of it when I made it and now I'm tearing it apart to rebuild it once again. Here's hoping it's the last time!

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