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Hey, friends! 
I'm Cara, owner and founding editor of Fluky Fiction. Dylan, my husband, and I began Fluky Fiction back in 2017. The goal: to publish books we want to read. Along the journey, we realized talented authors are unable to get their books out there to the world due to the high costs of professional editing services. And so, we expanded the company to assist authors with editing, ghostwriting, formatting, and writing coaching.

It is super important to me that I keep our rates affordable. I mean, that was the reason we began offering freelance services, after all. ☺️

Were you pleased with our services?
Do you dig the unconventional oddities we publish?
Your support helps us to not only keep doing what we are doing but also keeps freelance costs affordable. 👍

Thank you for your trust, support, and friendship. 💕

Fluky Fiction

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