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Hey 👋 If you want to show some appreciation for the work I put into the tutorials, feel free to buy me salad. I'm not so much into coffee :).
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You will not believe my situation, we are writing into KorGE an advanced GameEngine for our ILE (interactive learning environment) and support for the XML pathways 'a' and 'q' are just faulty. We have to convert 100's of small Symbolic Language Files and after spending days and days trying to figure out how to generate what we need the only tool in the world that seems to do the TRICK is Yours!! I am wondering if you can use rather basic formulas to find the equivalent points, or if you are doing something a little wild and somehow "tracing" the various shapes and throwing off the cubicTo() Params whenever some "accuracy" threshold is exceeded? Either way I'd love to talk to you about source code!

I'm very glad I was able to help you. Just contact me (take the e-mail address from the imprint) and I will provide you the source code. You can then proceed to adapt as you like! :) Thank you for the salad 😉. 

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I didnt look that much into the blog but the idea and offering this for free shows how kind u r. Thanks and keep up the superb work.

This is very appreciative and motivating, many thanks. 😊 By honoring my effort you clearly show your kindness, too! 

Ken N
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Hi, I really like your tutorials and you're making learning flutter  faster and more enjoyable. Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot for you appreciation. These kinds of feedback make me really happy and motivate to continue what I'm doing! ☺️ 

You're welcome! What else are you planning to share next? Keep up the good work, you're doing something great for the flutter community!

I will do some tutorials about testing. Then there will be some UI tutorials and eventually a game tutorial 😊. At least that's what I roughly plan.