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Hello everyone!

Thank you for coming here and for supporting my work. I appreciate this very much!

Welcome to my artistic place! Here you can find musical treats I've composed for you. My art is a form of classical music strongly influenced by jazz feeling, although some people say it resembles film music. Since my youngest age, my favourite way of expression has always been improvisation, and to be honest, I consider myself a better improviser than a pianist or composer.

I also stream piano improvisation music on my Twitch channel. Feel free to join me on my music adventures. More info on my

How does it work?

On this page you can find my piano music and scores (posts). To get access to my scores, you need to become a member, and only then can you unlock hidden content. All membership levels grant access to scores. 

The "What's New" section is where you can find out about the latest piano compositions and recordings.

Membership** levels:

Root Note Member

Perfect Fifth Member

Triad Member

Cmaj7 Member

Lydian Member

Lydian Dominant Member + 1 free music lesson* per month.

SuperUltraHyperMegaMeta Lydian Member + 2 free music lessons per month.


* Lessons are valid 30 days from the date of each membership payment. Unused lessons do not accumulate. 

** One-time donations do not unlock scores. 

Remember! There are NO REFUNDS! So please choose wisely :)

Rules have been set, the table is ready for a game! Feel free to browse my content, and don't be shy about asking questions! I hope you'll enjoy your adventure. See you around!


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