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What to buy us a coffee?

People ask me all the time what my YouTube Channel is about. I say we make aviation videos to inspire new pilots and help them along the way. That is our ultimate goal. To share aviation wherever we can and bring as many people as we can into it. BUT, aviation is expensive. 

Every contribution helps us do more and we're not asking for a lot, just the cost of a cup of coffee.

We have a lot of plans, Big BIG plans! All of it aimed at helping you guys. So if you can, please help us out!

Fly With The Guys was founded in 2015 when we started uploading fun videos of different destinations we were flying to with friends. We really enjoyed making and sharing them. Eventually, we realized there are so many questions about aviation that no one had good answers to, even ones we were asking. Important questions like, what does it take to become a pilot and how much does it cost?

So, we dug in and found out. Then, we shared our findings in a few videos. That's when things really started to take off, no pun intended. Since then, we've been answering questions from you guys, offering tips and tricks, and taking you to some amazing destinations.