Unfortunately my YA zombie story needs a big rewrite so I'll be working on it longer than I thought. I had wanted it to be just a quick edit before throwing it up but now that it's not I'll be pricing it a little higher than the single dollar I suggested before (apologies, but it'll be worth it).

Onto funner stuff: free things! Originally listed as an extra, I've decided I really don't want even the possibility of getting 'tipped' for various fanfic epubs so I'm just gonna link them here. These are totally free to access and download \o/

Original/Unrevised Trialculosis Sam epub is available to download via Dropbox here. This is the version of Trialculosis Sam published in 2013 and last updated in 2015. The revised version + new chapters are currently live and available on AO3 and FFnet.

Also for anyone who enjoys my Epileptic!Sam AU, A Change of Plans series currently available on FFnet and AO3, I've created a single epub anthology for it here.

And finally for my series Sammy's Inferno (AO3, FFnet), download the epub anthology here.

That's it for now. Thanks so much <3 Alex