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Typography is everywhere

And on everything

Typography is the most important part of print and digital design. Every day we unknowingly see hundreds of fonts. In books, apps, websites, social media posts, and on street signs... Typography is everywhere.

Believe it or not, people make fonts. Design them to be exact. Thousands of typeface designers and type foundries exists to this day carrying on the age old practice of evoking feelings and communicating through typography.

So yes, all those digital fonts you scroll past were created by human designers. And we can use their fonts in different ways to tell different stories. When you succeed in choosing a great set of typefaces for your design, everything feels right. Good type more clearly tells your story.

- Good typography increases accessibility

- Good typography helps people read easier, more quickly understanding your message

- Good typography is invisible and makes the copy stand out #contentfirst

- Good typography helps focus the eye

- Good typography simplifies

Join us on our mission to help designers learn how to use typography and access a diverse set of free (and some paid), high-quality fonts.

🛠️  What type tools does Fontpair have on their website?

- Figma plugin

- Chrome extension

- Free fonts list

- Free font pairing list

- Alternative fonts and recommended fonts

- Font and color generator

- More to come!

🙋‍♂️ Who runs Fontpair?

I do! I'm Hayden, a product designer from the Midwest of the United States. I love typography and have been running Fontpair on the side for 10 YEARS. Yes 10 years. I love saving fonts I find around the Internet and sharing it with others for their own inspiration and use.

I work on Fontpair a few hours a week sometimes less sometimes more. My goal is to help designers find beautiful free (and sometimes paid) fonts to use for their next design project. Choosing a font can be intimidating and frustrating. Fontpair is my effort to help.

Also, I have had numerous friends along the way help me with this project. Couldn't name them all but you know who you are. Special thanks to the engineers who helped me bring to life the Fontpair browser extension as well as the new Figma plugin we just launched. 

You can find me on Twitter - @circleonscreens