In late Match I called out to the online coverists in my community to help me in my feeble attempt to give that little bit more positivity to a world devastated by pandemic.

Perhaps to be expected from my normally paper-thin yet somewhat intimidating presence in the scene, this is not the hundred-person mega-collab like those we have seen initiated by national-level organisations. But hey, as the good old (maybe dead) people say, quantity is a bonus when quality is the requirement.

Eight of my friends and their friends turned up. Magnificently, as you will hear. Thank you all for joining me in this project. You all made this fly, I just jumped in on the ride.

Also of course huge thanks to everyone who had been working behind the scenes to make this project sound and look as it does. If it was left to me to do everything on my own, COVID-19 would be over before this ever saw the light of day, and it would invariably sound and look far worse than what you see here.

Hope this gives everyone who listens to it at least that little bit of a lift in these tough times. And if you need an even bigger boost, may I direct you to the original embedded in the end screen of my video.

P.S. Wasn't expecting this to be the first dip of my fingernails into video colour grading!

Tomorrow will be fine.