Leek - Allium porrum

Mar 25, 2021

LeekLeek leaves are a really great accessible cordage fibre with the added bonus that in an emergency apocalypse situation you can wang it into a pan for emergency stock :)

I'm sure we've all been guilty of leaving vegetables a lal bit too long. At least now those outer wrinkly leek skins don't have to go to waste! Chop em up to make yourself some novelty veg cordage. Don't worry it really doesn't smell too much once dry!

Process -

  • Take your slightly neglected leeks, run your knife down the length and peel off the outer few layers.

  • Spread these outer layers out on your chopping board and slice them vertically into nice long strips with your knife.

  • Leave these strips somewhere airy out the way for a week or so un till dry.. At this point they will have a slightly oniony quality to them, so drying them somewhere away from noses is preferable :)

  • When the strips have dried completely, spray them thoroughly with water, wrap them in a cloth then leave for an hour or so.
    After this time the strips should be ready for either twisting up into cordage or twining into a little basket like so :) the leek is the whitish fibre

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