Thank you so much for joining me :)
Just thought I'd give you an idea of what I have planned this year.

I love the idea of it being seasonal so we can gather and make throughout the year. As far as I can tell most members are either U.K or North America so plant wise seasons and plant distribution should be similar which is great !

So the vague idea is every month there will be a 'plant of the month' which we will explore in depth - Harvesting, processing then weaving!
We will use each plant to explore different weaving techniques and styles of basketry so by the end of the year we will have covered - twining, coiling, plaiting, random weave and many different sizes and shapes of basket!

Alongside this, each month I will be writing posts on what other fibre plants that are about. Some of these will be cordage plants solely and others will be both suitable for cordage and weaving projects.
As we go through the year collect as many of these as you can as it will be so much fun to work all these different fibres into our fibre baskets later in the year! It's lovely to be able to incorporate different fibres with all their beautiful different colours and textures!

This is the loose 'plan' going through the months.. Important to be flexible when it comes to working with natural materials.. Looking for what's abundant and available around to you :)

I've chosen plants that are available on both sides of the sea and will mention alternatives if you don't have access to these!


POTM (plant of the month) - Ivy
Basket type - Frame foraging basket

Cordage/other weavables available -

  • Spider plant

  • Black Grass


POTM - Bramble
Basket type - random weave (this ones so much fun!)

Cordage/fibres -

  • Leek

  • Cordyline

  • Clematis/Jasmine


POTM - Juncus
Basket type - Looping

Cordage/fibres -

  • Rhubarb

  • Honeysuckle


POTM - Dandelion
Basket type - Fairy Basket using the Juncus and Dandelion

Cordage/fibres -

  • Narrow leave plantain stems

  • Daffodil leaf and Stem


POTM - Willow Bark
Basket type - Plaiting


  • Wild garlic stems

  • Wild rose


POTM - Bindweed
Basket type - Little twined bowl of bindweed

Cordage/fibres -

  • Hemp leaved agrimony

  • Willow herb (fireweed)

  • Spruce root

  • Ivy (summer harvest for peeling for white vines)


POTM - Yellow Flag Iris
Basket type - Plaited purse


  • Burdock

  • Nettle

  • Bramble for cordage


POTM - Cattail
Basket type - Twill Placemat


  • Marshmallow and Hollyhock

  • Evening primrose

  • Horseradish leaf


POTM - Crocosmia
Basket type - Now we've amassed a fair amount of materials a woven wearable, using bark, using any of the leafy things collected so far.


  • Corn husks

  • Periwinkle


POTM - Daylilies

Basket type - Spiral wall hanging, incorporating as few or as many different leaves as you like. We will explore different weaves on this one to make different patterns :)


  • Red hot poker leaves

  • Sedges

  • Sycamore leaf stalks


POTM - Pine needles!
Basket type - Coiled basket using, pine needles, narrow leafed plantain stalks and broom.


  • broom


POTM - Everything :) We'll combine whatever leaves, roots, vines, branches and stems we've managed to collect and make a beautiful woven platter :)
Also I thought it might be fun to make cute little vine stars and simple woven festive decorations..

The need for tools and equipment will be minimal but I'll write a post shortly about the few it'd be good to have :)

Anywho that's enough computer for me today!

Thank you again and you'll hear from me soon with instructions and tips on how and what to gather for our first project.

Take care

Suzie x