First, let's talk about some new releases:

Not Quite Ready To Be Found is out on Falt Records. That's a solo release, my copies of the tape should arrive soon.

Quartet:Quartet:Trio is out on Balance Point Acoustics. This one is with Damon Smith, Sandy Ewen, Andrew Neumann, Junko Fujiwara, and Eric Rosenthal.

Another Day, Another Vector will be out on Relative Pitch records in early August. This is a recording of a session I did with Cecilia Lopez and Brandon Lopez. We hope to play some shows in support of it in August.

I am completing a piece for loadbang ensemble entitled, "For Sam Gilliam I". After that, I will be wrapping up some other works and then hope to open up for some more commissions.

Lastly, I plan to release a PDF zine of some of my photography, digital art, and perhaps some other things.. stay tuned.

ps. I will be posting here a lot more often.