Instead of Buying Me a Coffee, Do This

Instead of Buying Me a Coffee, Do This

Sep 19, 2021

Hey 👋Readers,

So, you want to buy me a coffee! I have a better plan for you. And I truly want you to consider it.

Instead of buying me a coffee, get a book for your exam.

I highly suggest reading more books than digital screens. They are awesome.

I know, I have a website, and saying this is just like axing my own feet.

But money isn’t my prior goal

Surely, I need some investment for website maintenance (hosting/domain name). To be honest, they are insignificant in comparison to what I get from it.

What do I get?

Your compliments.

Aspirants send me emails and comments about how my website helped them pass their entrance or NET/JRF exams.
The number of mail and comment that I received is small. But when it happens, it makes me jolly.

And that’s priceless, and whort paying services.

So, READ MORE, GIVE 100% and CLEAR your exam.

After that, you can share your experience. That’s what I needed from you.

Promise me and yourself, you will read more and give your 100%. 

Books that you should purchase instead of buying me a coffee.

• KVS MADAN by Paper 1 (nearly the price of a coffee).

• Second is the Forensic MCQs by Anu Singla for all forensic entrance exams.

If you have both the books, then consider buying a practice book for paper 1 (if you’re a NET aspirant). 

So, pass the exam then consider buying me a coffee. That will be a bonus for me.

Finally, if you still want to buy me a coffee, I really appreciate that. 

Thank you.

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