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Foreshadow started in 2020 and is a spirituality literary magazine rooted in the Christian faith. We publish fiction, personal essays, poetry and other works of creative writing and art -- stories that reflect the Great Story.

Our parallel Forecast podcast explores our themes in more depth.

We are an international network of editors, co-hosts, contributors and readers of a variety of backgrounds, especially among but not limited to the Christian tradition.

This year, our theme is 'Called Forth: Vocation and Faith', exploring the questions 'Who are we called to become?' and 'What are we called to do?' You can find our most recent work here and our submission guidelines here.

We also resource writers and other creators through reflections on the creative process and other resources here.

Our team:

Josh Seligman, Founding Editor and Forecast Co-host
Will Shine, Forecast Co-host
Alina Sayre, Foreshadow Editor
Jarel Paguio, Forecast Music Co-host

Art: Godfried Schalcken, Public domain