Blessings of balance to you for Spring Equinox!

Day and night are in perfect balance. Light & Dark, Masculine & Feminine, Inner & Outer – the duality of all things that make us whole.

Soon the sun will grow in power and light will overtake the dark – the dawning of spring! Energies will rise and the abundance of life will be reborn across the land.

I invite you to stand in this place of balance – one foot in the light and one foot in the dark:

·        Is there anything in your life ready to be born into the world? An Idea? Project? Creation?

Spend some time connecting with Nature, feel the rising energies, notice any synchronicities or communications relating to this.

Invite the fertile springtime energies to flow through you, nurture this & create abundance!

We’ve been celebrating Spring by having a sing!

We invite you to check out our latest video, where we share 3 Springtime Songs that could be sung at Forest School -  

We have also made some lyric’s sheets to go with them for you to download as pdf’s. You can find these on my Buy Me A Coffee page here -

Happy Springtime Singing & thanks for your support!

Daffodils bobbing and skylarks song

Lou & Lily-Roe